Wedding Day Workout

During last weekend’s wedding, at the beautiful Windfall Farms in Paso Robles, I burned over 2000 calories, logging in over 12 hours of activity. How do I know this? By using a device that monitors my heart rate via EKG technology and I then log all my calories burned.


My target calories to burn a daily through exercise is 800.  So, at this last wedding I was well over my goal and here’s how I did it.



“The Wedding Day Workout”


On a typical wedding day, I am performing many cardiovascular tasks, such as lifting and carrying around a heavy wedding dress trying to find that perfect location to hang and shoot it.  Not heavy you say?  My very own wedding dress was hefty 12 pounds!   In addition, my bicep does hundreds of curls by lifting my camera a D700, with a 70-200mm lens, and flash equaling 8.846 pounds…(yes I really looked up the weights of everything lol) and also being saddled with 15 pounds of dead weight slung across my shoulders in my camera bag.  This weekend I was lucky enough to have my husband pack mule, assisting me and carrying most of the gear  ♥  if not I would have burned even more.


This weekend the house the bridal party was getting ready in was a whopping 10,000 square feet of awesomeness!  I was running up and down flights of stairs and runway length hallways to catch all the activity.  Between my husband and I we climbed stairs, fences, barn walls and step ladders all day.  I was constantly contorting my body in various Yoga positions.  Bending, squatting and arching, twisting my body in weird positions to get the shot.  Sometimes I am able to lie down, but it isn’t to rest, it is to get a shot from below, engaging those abdominals in the process.


And a wedding day is not complete without me burning a few extra calories on the dance floor with my bride and groom, especially when a good song comes on!


You know it is a workout when the following day your entire body feels it, from your trigger finger, to your wrist, back, neck, shoulders and thighs.


The stats are true, but this post is all in fun. However, I do burn quite a bit of calories on a wedding day, perhaps I am on to something.

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