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I met Arturo and his family when we were matched through a wonderful organization, the Magic Hour Foundation. Magic Hour photographers donate their time and services to familes living with cancer. I was just accepted last month and this is my first session. If you would like to nominate someone for a Magic Hour Foundation you can do so here MHF.

Arturo and his family could not have been any sweeter, thank you for letting me be apart of your story.  Thank you Melissa for nominating them.  I will leave you with his story…

So this is my story of how we all came to meet on this day. My name is Arturo Tejeda and this past year has been so crazy for my family and I. It all started when my dentist found a dark spot in my x-rays on the left side of my jaw. My dentist then referred me to an oral surgeon who reviewed my x-rays and said we would keep an eye on it and return in 3 months or sooner if anything changed. I ended up returning for a check up about a year later when I noticed a small bump on my gums, he did a biopsy and the results came back as a benign giant cell tumor. Once we received that result I was referred to four other doctors to see if they could perform surgery, nobody would do the surgery. I just kept getting referred to someone else, at this point the tumor had already double in size and had started to grow over my teeth. I went back to our oral surgeon and he was able to help us with a referral to see doctors at UCSF. When we went to see one of the Doctors at UCSF they told us that the tumor was growing too fast and it might not be a giant cell tumor because giant cell tumors do not grow that fast. I was then scheduled for another biopsy. The following week my wife and I went back and the doctor told us the results that would change our lives. The doctor told me that the results came back as sarcoma cancer originating in the jawbone, and that they were going to have me see an oncologist in a few days. When I saw my oncologist he explained to me that because of my situation, with my tumor growing so aggressively they didn’t want it to spread anywhere else and would have to perform surgery as soon as possible. My wife was 9 months pregnant with our first child when we got this news, we were a few weeks away from her due date. One week after I met my oncologist I was schedule for surgery. The day of my surgery both of our families were there with us at the hospital supporting us. The surgery lasted 10 hours. They removed half of my lower left jawbone as well as my teeth. Once the tumor and jawbone were removed they took a piece of my left leg bone to put in place of my jaw. A skin graft from my leg was also used to reconstruct into my new gums. The surgery was successful and now I have just finished radiation treatments and will be starting chemotherapy soon. My wife gave birth to our first born son Giovanni Arturo Tejeda about two weeks after my surgery. This was a life changing event for my family and I but I am thankful that I’ve made it this far and I will continue to fight this!!!2014-01-20_0033.jpg2014-01-20_0034.jpg2014-01-20_0035.jpg2014-01-20_0036.jpg2014-01-20_0037.jpg2014-01-20_0038.jpg2014-01-20_0039.jpg2014-01-20_0040.jpg2014-01-20_0041.jpg2014-01-20_0042.jpg2014-01-20_0043.jpg2014-01-20_0045.jpg2014-01-20_0046.jpg2014-01-20_0047.jpg2014-01-20_0048.jpg2014-01-20_0049.jpg2014-01-20_0050.jpg2014-01-20_0051.jpg2014-01-20_0052.jpg2014-01-20_0053.jpg2014-01-20_0054.jpg2014-01-20_0055.jpg2014-01-20_0056.jpg2014-01-20_0057.jpg2014-01-20_0058.jpg2014-01-20_0059.jpg2014-01-20_0060.jpg

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