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Recently we had the opportunity to work with California Mortgage Associates in Modesto, and provide updated company head shots, along with some fun photos for their company holiday cards. They are an amazing team of professionals and the leading home loan lender in the Central Valley since 1987.  Cal Mort is a large part of the community in Stanislaus County and I know from working with them they keep it fun.

Business and corporate head shots are something that are very important to have and we know many business put off taking new professional photos, but they shouldn’t and heres why. Head shots that are updated periodically, such as every year or two, allow business professionals to show who they are right now, not an image from when they started their careers 20 years ago. Current headshots present a more honest and accurate depiction of whom their colleagues are dealing with.  An updated headshot also shows that an organization is keeping up with the times when it comes to doing business, and they are quite often what will set the first impression for potential clients.

We are always happy to help out local business owners, executives and their staff to get some updated head shots for their website and marketing materials.  Don’t be stuck using unprofessional or outdating head shots. 



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